A photo of my pampered pets!
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Animals love and suffer,
cry and laugh; their hearts rise up in anticipation and fall in despair...
they feel.
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Jessi Williams, owner and operator of Jessi's Mobile Pet Salon has always had a passion for animals. Her passion for grooming began over ten years ago when she rescued her first baby in need. He was in dire need of a haircut! Luckily for her she was working as a receptionist at a grooming salon. She asked to borrow some tools and immediately got to work on her new boy and his tangled hair. The owner of the salon was so pleased with the job Jessi did without having any prior knowledge of grooming that she immediately asked if Jessi would be interested in becoming a groomer! Quickly Jessi accepted the offer. It's been over ten years now and Jessi still has involvement in rescuing dogs and educating people on the importance of adopting a dog in need over purchasing a puppy in a pet store. She has groomed every imagineable breed of dog throughout her career. She takes pride in her work  and treats your babies like one of her own.